Protect Whole Networks

Safeguard against threats before a connection is even made. Block malware, cryptojacking and phishing domains across entire networks by deploying Control D on a router.

Problem: Widespread Network Vulnerabilities

Modern networks extend beyond the office walls, intertwining with cloud-based services and remote work environments, and along with this expansion comes an increased attack surface for cyber threats. Entire networks can fall prey to malware which can disrupt business operations, cryptojacking that hijacks resources for cryptocurrency mining, and phishing campaigns that target company and customer data. Traditional antivirus software and firewalls aren't always enough, as they often act too late in the threat timeline. Moreover, complex network structures make implementing a security solution that covers all entry points a challenge, especially for those without extensive IT resources.

Solution: Control D – Whole Network Protection

Control D addresses these vulnerabilities head-on with a service designed to safeguard entire networks with simplicity and precision.

  • Bespoke domain and IP level blocklists: Each business is unique, and so are its security needs. Control D allows the creation of custom blocklists at the domain and IP level, empowering businesses to selectively prevent access to known malicious or unwanted websites and internet resources before a connection is established.
  • Machine learning based filtering: By employing advanced machine learning algorithms, Control D's filtering capabilities stay ahead of the curve, identifying and blocking emerging threats in real-time. This proactive approach ensures that networks remain secure against even the latest and most sophisticated cyber attacks.
  • 1-step setup on many routers: Control D recognizes the importance of ease-of-use when it comes to security solutions. The service offers an uncomplicated one-step setup process for a variety of router models, making it accessible for businesses of all sizes to implement comprehensive network protection without needing specialized IT skills.

The Bottom Line

By deploying Control D on network routers, businesses can rest easy knowing they have a robust line of defense against cyber threats. This solution is not only advanced in its capabilities but also user-focused, ensuring that vital security measures don't become a bottleneck for productivity. Control D's network-wide protection is an investment in the reliability and integrity of business operations, safeguarding infrastructure, data, and ultimately, the company's reputation.