Business Use Cases

Control D can be used on a network of any size, and give you advanced capabilities in an Interface that doesn't require reading a 900 page manual.


It doesn't matter if your company is 2 people or 200, getting compromised can have disastrous consequences. You may be under the the impression that you're too small to care about network security, or simply cannot afford a solution at this time.

It's never too early to take security seriously, and Control D can provide a solution without breaking the bank. Our plans start at $2, no contracts, and you cancel any time without speaking to anyone.

SMB Networks

Still have staff coming to the office to work? Then it's a good idea to keep your staff secure (and productive) when they interact with your infrastructure and customer data. Deploying Control D on your router or individual employee devices will give you complete control over the network. Gain visibility on what websites and services your staff use, block time-wasting services, and reduce the chance of a compromise by blocking malicious domains.

Roaming Devices

Have geo-distributed staff who work from home, or travel? Secure their individual devices with a custom DNS resolver unique to their endpoint. Gain complete visibility on usage patterns, and enforce unique Profiles (policies) on individual devices depending on the role.

In most cases, no software needs to be installed on the endpoint itself when Secure DNS protocols are used.

Public Wi-Fi

If you operate a Wi-Fi hotspot that is accessed by guests or visitors, restricting what they can do on your network is the best way to stay secure, and prevent your ISP from disconnecting your service for DMCA and other violations. Gain complete visibility on usage patterns, and enforce dynamic policies that change based on what time it is.

School Networks

Network security usually takes a backseat when it comes to funding, all while schools need to protect their student body from harmful content. Control D provides the tools to achieve both goals, without breaking the bank. It doesn't matter if you're a small private school, or a massive campus, we offer plans of all shapes and sizes.