Products and Billing

Unfortunately you have to pay for this. Sorry about that, but we made it really easy for you.

What are Products

If you click on the Billing section, you will see something like this.

This section allows you to:

  1. Add a billing method (not pictured above)
  2. Increase/decrease the number of billable User and Router products
  3. View your invoices


Whatever the amount of User and Router devices you choose here is what your global account limit will be. This limit includes the sum of all User or Router type devices within the primary Organization and the chosen max limits within all Sub-Organizations (if any). For example, if you have 500 Users as the limit, you can spread this limit as you see fit.

  • Primary Organization uses all 500, and has no Sub-Organizations
  • Primary Organization uses 100, and each of the 4 Sub-Organizations also has a limit of 100
  • Primary Organization uses 0, and 10 Sub-Organizations have a limit of 50

Essentially, you pre-purchase seats and can allocate them any way you see fit, within the primary Organization or child Sub-Organizations. The primary Organization is responsible for the billing with Control D. How you choose to bill your Sub-Organizations (if you do) is up to you.