Deploy Control D at your company. Multi-user access, multi-tenancy support and a lot more.


Organizations Only

A business account is required to use this feature. If you wish to participate in the closed beta, email [email protected] from your work email address.

What are Organizations

When you create a business account, you create an Organization. This structure allows for multiple people to manage Profiles, Devices, view Analytics and more.

You may want a business account if you need to do the following:

  • Manage large amounts of end user devices or networks
  • Quickly onboard hundreds or thousands of devices using RMM
  • Grant access to members of your team to be able to view or modify configurations
  • Group Profiles and Devices into Sub-Organizations
  • Resell value added services to your own customers
  • Lock down your resolvers to specific IP addresses
  • Share Profiles between organizations
  • Whole lot more

Organization Details

In the My Organization tab, you can manage basic details of your company and make customizations. These include:

  • Update basic details and contact information
  • Change your data storage region
  • Delete all Analytics data
  • Enable mandatory 2FA/MFA for all admins
  • Invite team members to manage your organization's assets
  • Create Sub-Organizations that can represent customers, departments, etc and manage their assets separately or delegate access

What’s Next