NinjaRMM Tutorial

If you use NinjaRMM, this tutorial will help you onboard your users to Control D.


Create Provisioning Code

First thing you have to do is create a Provisioning code in the Control D web panel. Go to Devices -> Provision, and click the + button. Fill out the form, and you should see an install command. Copy it.


Expiry Time

Be sure to select the appropriate expiry time for the Provisioning code. When this time passes, the code will become invalid and cannot be used anymore to provision new Devices. Same applies if you delete this code.

Create Script

Now let's create an install script in NinjaRMM. Go to Administration -> Library -> Automation, click the Add button and choose New Script.

Paste the command into the box, choose Language = PowerShell, fill out the rest of the fields as required, and press Save.

Execute Script

In NinjaRMM, go to your Devices list. Choose the desired devices, select Run -> Run Automation -> Script.

Then choose the script you just created, and Run it as System. Within a few seconds, you should see this in your Activities log for the relevant device in NinjaRMM.

That's it! You're done. If you go to Control D web panel, you should see your Devices popup in the Users section.


To upgrade the ctrld daemon to the latest version, execute the same install script, just omit the first arg that has your provisioning code. Do not re-run the same script with the provisioning code defined as this will generate a new Device in the Control D interface.


If you wish to uninstall the ctrld client, create a new (batch or Powershell) script with the following contents:

ctrld uninstall

Then execute it on target machines.