• Fixed various bugs in upcoming Organizations feature UI
  • Fixed a bug where new accounts would not show Profiles until a page refresh
  • Improved nav menu usability


  • Added UI for Organizations (business management features)
    • Note: this is not yet widely available as we continue to test internally
  • Added 'placeholder' loading UI in place of spinners
  • Fixed some small bugs where content would 'jump' after loading
  • Fixed UI bugs in payments flows
  • Fixed various bugs related to auto-focusing input fields on iOS
  • Improved Activity Log performance
  • Improved (reduced) number of unnecessary API requests made, improving performance generally
  • Improved UX of 2FA setup modal
  • Improved various homepage graphics


  • Added new UI for when user has no Profiles to improve usability
  • Added new Service icons
  • Fixed a bug where Last Active orb showed incorrect state after editing a Device
  • Fixed a bug in Schedules dropdown
  • Fixed various small UI issues
  • Fixed a bug where enabling Analytics for the first time from the Preferences menu would show the incorrect message
  • Fixed a bug in Analytics where selecting Last year then any other option would freeze the app under certain circumstances
  • Fixed a bug in Analytics where the user needed to click the Reload button to get new data every time they navigated back to the Activity Log
  • Fixed a bug where Default Rules tutorial would show erroneously, when No Tutorials option was enabled
  • Fixed a bug where adding a Custom Rule and selecting a Folder with a Folder Rule resulted in broken UI state in the tray
  • Improved UX of Device Settings menu
  • Improved UI of Devices and Profiles pages
  • Improved copy across the site


  • Free dns bootstrap ip address fixed
  • Setup guide UX fixes
  • ctrld installer command updated
  • Link to the status page added to the footer
  • Option to switch plans when cancelling
  • Custom rules UX fixes
  • Other miscellaneous UX fixes


  • Added descriptions and keywords to homepage and related pages
  • Added warning when users are about to incur a cost due to a plan change
  • Added loading spinners to Devices and Profiles in the Nav menu to improve loading UX
  • Fixed edge case bug where Profiles view would erroneously appear empty
  • Fixed bug where selecting Last Active view for Profiles or Devices would not persist across sessions
  • Fixed missing padding in Locations list
  • Fixed a bug where opting out of a trial would prevent users from being able to pay
  • Fixed bug where Activity Log, when copied to clipboard, would not include some redirect information
  • Fixed bug on Status Page where user would be shown incorrect error in certain edge case scenarios
  • Updated copy for some content
  • Updated Activity Log UX so that changing page scrolls user to the top of the new page
  • Updated Custom Rules view and UX


  • Added Upcoming Features section
  • Fixed bug in detecting DNS change in some flows on the Setup Guide
  • Fixed a number of small UI bugs with alignment and spacing
  • Fixed bug that caused Configuration Status page to crash in certain edge cases
  • Fixed issues with purple alert bar not showing in certain edge cases
  • Removed Welcome screen


Profile locking, color coding of the activity log, better pagination and ability to filter custom rules in useful ways.



This week we are releasing a bunch of improvements to the Activity Log UX.



This week, we are releasing the complete integration of the Control D Dashboard with our ctrld command line daemon.



This week, we've been working on a number of UX and UI improvements, as well as fixing a litany of both user- and internally-reported bugs.