• Routine bug fixes
  • UX improvements for tutorials and notifications
  • Rebilling failure message shown only when the subscription is active



  • Improved UX for Tutorials
  • Added ability to search custom rules comments
  • Added integration with Yoga DNS
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and UX refinement


  • Custom Rules comments
  • Notifications UI overhaul
  • Fixed bug that led to creation of the rule under the wrong profile when done from Activity log. Now the rule should be created under the profile which is enforced on the relevant device.
  • Fixed bug so that excluding folders for Apple Advanced Config does so from the folders belonging to the enforced folder on the device
  • If subscription rebill fails for some reason, the user should now be able to see the exact expiry date
  • New icons for Magic Folders, Shared Profiles and a few new services


  • Updated Profile Options page with new icons
  • Added beta Magic Folders support for captive portal bypassing
  • Activity log IP information is now available for mobile and tablet views
  • Fixed issues with rebill date and rebill failure warning message
  • Fixed miscellaneous UI bugs


  • Added functionality to remember last used Profile subsection to improve UX
  • Added UI for Activity Log to show which Device made each query
  • Added 'three way toggle' for Ads & Trackers and Malware Filters, allowing even more granular control over how much is blocked, and integrating the AI Malware Filter (if you so choose) into the standard Malware Filter
  • Fixed miscellaneous UI bugs
  • Fixed bug where Copy to Clipboard button was broken on certain niche browsers
  • Improved UX for when subscription fails to rebill by adding 'scary red banner' component for this case
  • Removed ability to make Profiles without a subscription or trial


  • Added support for Geo Custom Rules
  • Added scary confirmation modals for critical actions (delete Profile, Device, Sub-Org)
  • Improved Resolvers displayed screen
  • Added detection + warning for browser not using router's DNS that links to Browser not using OS DNS
  • Added Sub-Organizations search
  • Overhauled Device Provision flow to use Powershell
  • Fixed miscellaneous UI bugs


  • Fixed various bugs in upcoming Organizations feature UI
  • Fixed a bug where new accounts would not show Profiles until a page refresh
  • Improved nav menu usability


  • Added UI for Organizations (business management features)
    • Note: this is not yet widely available as we continue to test internally
  • Added 'placeholder' loading UI in place of spinners
  • Fixed some small bugs where content would 'jump' after loading
  • Fixed UI bugs in payments flows
  • Fixed various bugs related to auto-focusing input fields on iOS
  • Improved Activity Log performance
  • Improved (reduced) number of unnecessary API requests made, improving performance generally
  • Improved UX of 2FA setup modal
  • Improved various homepage graphics


  • Added new UI for when user has no Profiles to improve usability
  • Added new Service icons
  • Fixed a bug where Last Active orb showed incorrect state after editing a Device
  • Fixed a bug in Schedules dropdown
  • Fixed various small UI issues
  • Fixed a bug where enabling Analytics for the first time from the Preferences menu would show the incorrect message
  • Fixed a bug in Analytics where selecting Last year then any other option would freeze the app under certain circumstances
  • Fixed a bug in Analytics where the user needed to click the Reload button to get new data every time they navigated back to the Activity Log
  • Fixed a bug where Default Rules tutorial would show erroneously, when No Tutorials option was enabled
  • Fixed a bug where adding a Custom Rule and selecting a Folder with a Folder Rule resulted in broken UI state in the tray
  • Improved UX of Device Settings menu
  • Improved UI of Devices and Profiles pages
  • Improved copy across the site