• Organization Owners can now override the Global Profile from the Sub Organization profile
  • Blocked domains can now be sent to external URLs using our Branded Block Page
  • Added a Conference Page
  • Added new 404 pages
  • Fixed issues with Custom Rules searching
  • Added a warning for users to let them know that disabling the Legacy Resolver toggle in their Device settings reclaims the Legacy DNS IPs for that Device
  • Status page improvements


  • Minor copy changes and clarifications across static pages including the homepage


  • Added ability to auto decrement device count for billing on device deletion (Org accounts)
  • Added ability to export usage csv for Sub-Organization (Org accounts)
  • Fixed Apple Pay payment issues
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and UX improvements


  • Fixed a bug where adding a payment method after trial expiry resulted in an error
  • Fixed a bug in "Purchaser" account billing UI
  • Improved UI of billing page


  • Implemented automated billing for Organization users
  • Added company type dropdown to Organization onboard page
  • Added a new router type for Windows Server
  • Fixed a few issues related to 2FA and SEO improvements


  • Added Traffic Insights to Analytics with a list of top Sources, Destinations and Network Destinations of DNS queries.
  • Added a new privacy page for android users.
  • Added new fields for customizing the title and the external link title for the branded block page.
  • Fixed a few minor bugs and improved UX.


  • Added QR Code generation for easier setup on mobile devices
  • Added Prevent Deactivation option to device provisioning for organizational users
  • Improved website accessibility
  • Fixed bug which hampered copy-pasting domains and SSIDs while creating mobile config
  • Fixed a few minor bugs and improved UX


  • Apple Mobile Config Generator: Added additional options to optionally bake in a Control D Root CA (for custom block pages) and prevent disablement on Supervised Apple devices (Org accounts only)
  • Main website: New common header for personal and organizational user public pages
  • Miscellaneous UX improvements and bug fixes
  • Custom/branded block pages


  • Added preconfigured Profile templates which cater to specific use cases and can be used when creating a new Profile
  • Fixed issues with mobile config generation
  • Implemented the ability to add rules to Shared Profiles from Activity Log while impersonating a Sub Organization
  • Redesigned Sub Organizations listing
  • Added Organization name to the Device modal
  • Updated the Chrome setup tutorial
  • Performance and other UX improvements


  • Implemented the ability to set a password to prevent Control D being deactivated on a device
  • Redesigned Free DNS page
  • Added configuration steps for OPNSense and Other routers
  • Fixed bugs related to comments and loading custom rules
  • Miscellaneous UX and performance improvements