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redirect traffic only on selected services

hi I'm new here and I'm interested 1. Is there a way to redirect traffic only on selected services I don't want all my traffic to go through control d 2. is there a possibility to stop the service on the device without deleting the profile I'm testing on apple4k 3. regards

How can I add more devices to the account

Currently, I have successfully linked 5 devices to my account. However, when attempting to add more devices, I received a notification stating that I have reached the soft cap of 5 maximum legacy resolvers. The notification instructed me to contact your company if I require more devices. Therefore, I am kindly requesting your assistance in this matter. Please advise me on the necessary steps to take in order to add more devices to my account.

Reducing data harvesting?

Apologies in advance if the answer to this question is obvious or if the question rests on a basic confusion. But I wonder if Control D can be configured, something like Netguard, to filter the amount of invasive tracking and 'phoning home' performed by Google Apps and system utilities on an android device.

Rate limit queries.

I found this service recently but not sure about its rate limit. Is a paid plan provide unlimited queries for a single IP address? CleanBrowsing did. Thanks.

Tailscale Configuration

Hey there! I was wondering if anyone had recommendations on configuring Tailscale with Control D? I know there is NextDNS options in Tailscale..... but I was checking to see if someone had set it up with this before... Thanks! G