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Updated changelog?

Looks like there an update recently, but the change log hasn’t been updated yet. Not really important, but I am curious about it. Do the change logs usually have a delay? also, keep up the great work.

GUI suggestion, dynamic positioning of active rules/tiles

It is regarding the rules/tiles to be found under "Filters", "Services" etc.: If any activated rule/tile, could be pushed to the top automatically as long as it is activated (still ordered alphabetically), it would be very nice, as you would always have activated rules/tiles in focus, instead of needing to scroll all the way through non-activated rules/tiles to interact with any specific activated rule/tile. Example: I activate "VPN & DNS" under "Services", it goes on top as 1. rule/tile. I also activate "URL Shorteners", it also goes to top, but as 1. rule/tile (due to all the active rules/tiles still being ordered alphabetically). If I deactivate any of these 2. rules/tiles again, it is no longer on top, and it takes its normal order on the list, being last and second last. So like you have 2 "groups": The activated rules/tiles = always on top. Non activated in the bottom. Thanks for a great service, and stay strong 🙂 kind regards

Can I combine Windscribe and ControlD together?

If so, can anyone give me instruction? Thanks.

Fortigate firewall support?

Hi team, I am looking into getting a business account for my team and tried out a 30 day trial. I tried configuring my Fortigate firewall with the DNS-over-TLS option but the filtering isn't working and neither is my DNS resolving to control d servers. Is Control D supported on Fortinet or are there any steps I am missing? Thanks!

better schedule

I would like to have a more flexible schedule. first, I can't configure something a little bit more complicated like from 10pm to 2am of the next day. Second I would like to configure different services at different times. for example allow pinterest in the afternoon till 2am and a chat app just from 9pm to 10pm. Thanks

pass the some control de $2 a Control total $4?

Pague por equivocacion en some control de $2, pero necesito redirigir una pagina, necesito control total $4 hay forma de pagar el esedente sin perder los dos dolares que consigne. o como hago para que realizar una devolucion gracias.

Twitch Ingest Servers

Hey, I'm new to Control D and I'm not sure on the exact details, but from some quick testing it seems that if I reroute Twitch using the "services" tab, while I can access the website and watch streams and such just fine if I try to stream to Twitch myself OBS cannot access the ingest servers. I'm not sure if that's a fixable problem or not, and I'd imagine most people using Control D aren't interested in streaming themselves, but there are some use cases for wanting to avoid adverts while streaming myself (such as restreaming other streamer's perspectives, or looking for "raid" targets) and would be an advantage of Control D over traditional VPNs as it's a lot less bandwidth restricted. If it's fixable with a custom rule then that'd be fine too as I get it's a pretty niche issue. Thanks

Monthly total query counting

Would be some nice stats

Per app settings

Is it possible to perform per app settings?

Feture request: add API method to set device settings for ctrld cli utility

Hi, I make a script for myself, which generates config .toml file with rules for listener policy. I use an API method to get custom rules from ControlD and my local list of domains from openwrt router to set different upstream for some domains. The problem is, after script generate a config, I can use it locally, but there is no API method to put it in dashboard device settings. Please make this method.