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Apple tv profiles stop working after a day

I set up a ControlD profile to region shift mlb.tv. I applied this profile to my apple tv's. After a day, the apple tv's stop loading mlb. If I delete the apple tv profile and reinstall it, it starts to work again. But this isn't sustainable, my wife couldn't deal with this if I weren't home. What am I doing wrong? Why does it stop working? How do I get this to continue to work after a day? The vpn profile on the apple tv always shows inactive, but this appears to be a tvos bug. Thanks for any help.

Why ControlD doesn't use Google Safebrowsing additional to the existing Malware Filtering?

I miss this feature: Can you add the Google Safebrowsing feature into the Malware Filtering just as NextDNS practises longtime. Or is there a serious reason why ControlD doesn't want? There is also Yandex Safebrowsing which is worth thinking about to be used by ControlD.

will we get this feature



I installing Control D using resolver id x-out(sudo sh -c 'sh -c "$(curl -sSL <https://api.controld.com/dl)"> -s xxxxxxxxxxx forced') on my Firewalla Gold and it breaks in App Network Performance, cannot ping any IP/Domain from Firewall CLI or do a speedtest from Firewalla CLI and it also breaks access to App when on Cellular Network. App has access at home on my network. I have paid for a year subscription of Control D and cannot use ctrld service on Firewalla. To get some functionality of Control D on my Firewall I had to use Firewall Service DNS over HTTPS and add Control D url with resolver id but doing it this way I lose a lot of functionality like seeing the individual device IPs and ability to have multiple profiles per device etc.. How can I get ctrld service to work on Firewalla without breaking Firewalla services mentioned above?

Omada Router Installation

I have an omada system in my house, and I would like to be sure where is absolutely necessary to insert the controld dns. In wan, in lan, or both? Is there any difference where I put it? After I have done this in both, wan and lan, it seems that some pages take a little extra time to load.

Local IP

Is there way to bypass all rules for specific local IP addresses?


Hey, is it possible to pay with Paypal? Otherwise: Will the Credit Card Payment extended every Year automatically? Thx ♥

Request - UI Filter for IPv4/IPv6

Would it be possible in the UI to add a filter in the authorized IPs/Analytics section for IPv4 and IPv6? My ISP gives me a /56 for IPv6. As i am changing network options and the use of ControlD just wanted to know if this was possible. <br> ![](https://files.readme.io/f83ff60-image.png) <br>

Request: Add Root Certificate automatically when install the ctrld service in Windows

I use the powershell script to install the Windows service. It would be nice if this setuip also downloaded and installed the root certificate at the same time. The command to add should be fairly simple. This is the command I use. powershell -Command Invoke-WebRequest -Uri '<https://deploy.controld.com/blockpage/Control-D-root-x1.cer'> -OutFile 'C:\\ControlD\\Control-D-root-x1.cer'; Import-Certificate -FilePath "C:\\ControlD\\Control-D-root-x1.cer" -CertStoreLocation Cert:\\LocalMachine\\Root

Server in Taiwan

Hi, is there a chance to set up a server in Taiwan? Thanks!