Admin Logs

Audit trail of all admin actions within your Organization. Search and export data.


Admin Logs is an essential accountability feature within Control D that provides an audit trail of all administrative actions taken within an organization's network. This powerful tool maintains a comprehensive record of changes, access, and modifications performed by administrators, ensuring a transparent and secure management environment.

Problem Solved

Admin Logs serve as a security and compliance mechanism, giving organizations the ability to track and analyze admin activities. This capability is critical in detecting unauthorized changes, streamlining troubleshooting, identifying potential security risks, and performing forensic analysis in case of incidents.

Feature Benefits

  • Accountability: Keeps a detailed log of all admin actions, fostering a culture of responsibility within your IT team.
  • Transparency: Offers visibility into the changes made in the system, which is vital for audits and compliance checks.
  • Searchability: Enables admins to quickly search through logs to find specific actions or patterns.
  • Data Export: Provides the functionality to export logs for offline analysis or for use in compliance reporting.

Admin Log Features

  • Comprehensive Recording: Captures all administrative actions, including creation, modification, and deletion of settings and policies.
  • Easy Searchability: Filters and search functions allow for quick retrieval of relevant log entries based on admin emails, actions performed, dates, and other criteria.
  • Export Capabilities: Logs can be exported in common formats like CSV for analysis or as evidence for compliance audits.
  • Real-Time Updates: The logs are updated in real-time, providing immediate insight into admin activities across the network.

Enabling and Using Admin Logs

To utilize the Admin Logs feature, navigate to the Admin Logs section within your Control D dashboard. Here, you can view all log entries and use filters for a targeted search. To export logs, click the export button at the top. You can regularly review these logs to maintain compliance and ensure the secure management of your organizational settings.