You can do a lot with Control D. Here are some of those things.

Control D delivers an array of powerful features designed to enhance the security, control, and performance of your organization's internet usage. From advanced threat protection to granular domain control and traffic analysis, explore the multitude of capabilities that make Control D a comprehensive DNS solution.

Offers multiple modes of protection against malicious domains and content to safeguard your network from cyber threats.

Allows blocking of various web categories and services to improve productivity and protect against harmful content, with over 18 native filters and customizable blocklists.

Enables selective restriction of over 300 web apps and services to fine-tune internet access and eliminate distractions or compliance risks.

Grants granular control with the ability to block specific websites, entire TLDs, and supports wildcard rules and geo-specific restrictions.

Supports cutting-edge encrypted DNS protocols such as DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH), DNS-over-TLS (DoT), and DNS-over-QUIC, ensuring secure and private connectivity.

Provides insights into historical browsing activity with detailed statistics and activity logs to inform policy adjustments and monitor network health.

Streams DNS query logs in real-time to SIEM tools, integrating DNS-level threat intelligence into broader security operations.

Empowers users with the flexibility to direct DNS traffic through over 100 global proxy locations, with policies for custom domains, services, and a catch-all default rule.

Multi-Tenancy simplifies DNS management for complex organizations, enabling segregated control across different departments and customer accounts. Discover the benefits of streamlined internet governance with a centralized approach.

Provides a comprehensive audit trail of all admin activities within your organization, ensuring accountability and security. The feature includes robust search functionality and the ability to export logs for analysis and compliance purposes.