Custom Rules

Fine grained control over individual domain names.

What are Custom Rules

Custom Rules are the basic building blocks of Control D, and allow you to create fine grained rules for specific domain names. Think of these as a hosts file in the cloud, with wildcard support.

You can have up to 10,000 Custom Rules.

To create a custom rule, choose a Profile and click Edit. Then navigate to the Custom Rules section.

Rule Actions

Much like with Services (which are just collections of Custom Rules), one of 3 rule types can be attached to any domain name.


A BLOCK action will prevent the domain from loading, and will effectively make it inaccessible from a Device that enforces a Profile.


A BYPASS rule will resolve the domain to its true IP address from Authoritative DNS. This is useful to override Filters, Services, or the Default Rule.


A REDIRECT rule will spoof the domain via a proxy location or specific IP address chosen by you.

Custom Rules can be grouped into Folders, which can have their own actions.

Rule Format

Custom rules can be exact or use wildcards. All of the following are valid:

Domain and RuleHow it works nowHow it will work in future -> BLOCKBlocks and all subdomainsOnly blocks, not subdomains
* -> BLOCKBlocks all subdomains of but NOT domain.comBlocks all subdomains of but NOT
server-* -> BLOCKBlocks and server-anything-goes-here.domain.comBlocks and