Org: Add Multiple Devices

Want to add hundreds of devices in one go? There is a better way than pressing buttons.


Organizations Only

A business account is required to use this feature.


If you need to add dozens (or hundreds) of Devices, click the + button at the top, choose the Device type, and select "Multiple Devices" at the top. You will be presented with the following form.

Simply type or paste a list of end-user emails or device names, one per line.

Email End User

If you choose to input the emails of the end users, their device name would become the email username. ie. [email protected] would become james-tiberius-kirk. Additionally, the user will receive an email prompting them to self-provision the Device you just created.


Admin Rights Required

If you're using this flow, the end user must have admin access to their machine to complete the onboarding. If they do not, you should use the Provisioning Codes flow, and use your RMM to do this on their behalf.