Connected Devices

Physical devices that send DNS queries to Control D. You can think of them as seats.

What are Connected Devices

In normal SaaS terms, these are seats. Why didn't we call them seats? Good question, but that's a long story.

When you create a Control D Endpoint (used to be called a Device), it issues you a unique set of DNS resolvers, which you can configure to receive DNS queries from one or more physical devices used by humans. Some Endpoints are used by a single person, so feel free to put 1 into the box.

Other Endpoints like AD domain controllers, routers, or DNS servers are used by multiple physical devices (phone, laptop, etc), and our CFO said we need to make you pay for every physical device that ends up using Control D. So, if 100 devices are going to be sending their DNS queries to Control D, via this Endpoint, you need to put 100 into this box.

Honor System

We ask you to do your best to keep this count in sync with your actual usage. The amount of Connected Devices you select is not a hard limit, and nothing technically prevents you from putting 5 into the box, and using Control D on a network that has 5000 devices. However, we ask you to be fair and reasonable, since your honor is at stake.

We perform periodic audits, and check if everything looks reasonable given the average volume of DNS queries that a physical device emits on a daily basis. If you're off by a little, we probably won't care. But if you're off by a few hundred of thousands, we'll know and contact you.

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You don't want us to send you an email like this