You’re working for the common good and you shouldn’t compromise on security. Secure all devices and improve staff privacy in minutes.

Non-Compromising Security for World-Changing Work

Non-profits dedicate their efforts to serve the common good and their operations should be unfettered by cybersecurity concerns. Control D provides a security solution that effortlessly secures all devices in your organization, enhancing staff privacy and ensuring the integrity of your mission-critical work.

Fast and User-Friendly Implementation

Get your non-profit up and running with robust cyber protection in mere minutes. Whether you prefer intuitive self-onboarding for individual staff members or wish to deploy en masse via Mobile Device Management (MDM) systems, Control D is designed for ease of use and minimal setup time.

Streamlined Onboarding

  • User-Guided Setup: Empower staff members to easily onboard their devices with step-by-step instructions.
  • MDM Deployment: Quickly secure multiple devices by integrating with your existing MDM system, ideal for larger teams and device fleets.

Affordable Solution for the Non-Profit Budget

We understand that non-profits operate under tight budget constraints, which is why Control D offers an affordable per-head or per-network pricing models. This way, organizations can access premium security features without impacting the funds allocated to their essential activities.

Cost-Conscious Security

  • Transparent Pricing: Benefit from clear per-user or per-network pricing that aligns with the scale and budget of your non-profit.
  • Maximize Resources: Direct more of your funds toward your mission by saving on cybersecurity expenses without compromising on quality and effectiveness.

Embrace Comprehensive Device Security with Control D

Join other non-profit organizations that have enhanced their cybersecurity posture with Control D. Secure your devices, protect your staff's privacy, and maintain focus on your noble objectives, all while ensuring a fortified digital ecosystem.

Learn More About Control D for Non-Profits

Security should not be a luxury for those doing essential work for our communities. Contact us to discover how Control D can champion your non-profit’s cybersecurity needs or to get your team started right away.