Control D can be used on a network of any size, and give you advanced capabilities in an Interface that doesn't require reading a 900 page manual, or being “certified”.

At Control D, we understand that effective DNS solutions are not one-size-fits-all. Whether you’re safeguarding a startup or managing public Wi-Fi, our customizable solutions offer robust protection and seamless integration.

Gain control and visibility over your network, no matter where your team is working. Reduce distractions and enhance security for small and medium-sized businesses without complex setups.

Add DNS protection to your portfolio of client services. Offer global policy enforcement and simplified DNS management with top-down visibility and delegated access control without the burden of ongoing management.

Embrace a proactive security stance from the get-go. Fast-track staff onboarding and utilize our modern UI to protect your growing business efficiently and cost-effectively.

Protect students and staff from harmful content while managing online resources effectively. Deploy Control D across the school's devices with ease and align your budget with our per-head pricing model.

Secure your digital footprint quickly and affordably. Enhance your team’s privacy with easy-to-use self-onboarding options. Control D is designed to complement your commitment to the common good.

Offer secure and liability-free Wi-Fi access to your guests and visitors. Monitor usage patterns and enforce dynamic policies that enhance customer satisfaction and network safety.

Ensure a safe and hassle-free Wi-Fi experience for your guests while safeguarding your rental from potential legal issues. Prevent unauthorized activities, such as movie piracy, that could lead to DMCA notices and ISP penalties.