Managed Service Providers (MSPs)

Offer your clients a value-added service that protects their devices at the DNS layer, without the burden of ongoing management.

Enhancing Client Security with Effortless DNS Protection

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are entrusted with the foundational aspects of their clients' technical infrastructure, and DNS security is a cornerstone in the digital age. Offer your clients superior protection with a service that hardens their defenses at the DNS layer, requiring minimal ongoing management from your team.

Streamlined DNS Management

With Control D, you can enforce global policies across your entire client base, eliminating unnecessary duplication of effort. Provide a consistent security posture for all your clients with ease, ensuring that their networks are protected against threats before they can reach their devices.

Simplified Policy Enforcement

  • Global Rules: Apply company-wide security and content access policies easily across multiple clients.
  • Unified Protection: Ensure all clients receive the same level of cybersecurity defense without the need for individual configuration.
  • Heavy Customization: Optionally configure bespoke policies on desired groups of (or individual) clients and enforce unique behaviors.

Delegated Access with Full Visibility

Control D empowers MSPs with the capability to provide delegated access to clients or team members for self-management. This allows for direct involvement in policy settings while you maintain the overarching control and full visibility of all DNS activity.

Hierarchical Management

  • Team Roles: Assign varied levels of access for different teams within your MSP, allowing for specialized management of client accounts.
  • Client Autonomy: Offer clients the ability to self-manage their own settings while you maintain oversight, providing a balance of autonomy and centralized control.

Forge Stronger Client Relationships

Providing DNS-layer security underscores the depth and value of your services, positioning you as a comprehensive security partner for your clients. Control D's integrated approach to DNS management and security means you add substantial value to your offerings with minimal increase in management overhead.

Learn More About Control D for MSPs

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