Think of these as policies.

What are Profiles?

A Profile is simply a collection of rules and settings you wish to enforce on a specific resolver (Device). This can sometimes be known as a policy or configuration. To view a list of all your Profiles, click the appropriately named Profiles button in the main nav bar.

Profile Components

A Profile has the following component that can be tweaked to fit your use case:

  • Filters - Categories you wish to be blocked
  • Services - Specific websites and services you wish to block or redirect
  • Custom Rules - Granular domain level rules
  • Profile Options - Customizable behaviors within a Profile


If there are multiple rules for the same domain, the component with the highest priority will override anything with a lower priority. The list below shows the priority order, with the component at the top having the highest priority and the one at the bottom having the lowest priority:

  1. Custom Rules
  2. Services
  3. Filters
  4. Default Rule - When no Custom Rule, Service or Filter matches a domain, the Default Rule comes into effect.

See the advanced rules creation guide in order to learn what advanced behaviors you can implement with these components.

How to Use Profiles

A Profile by itself doesn't do anything - it must be enforced on a Device in order to be used. A single Profile can be enforced on one or more Devices (resolvers). These come in 2 types:

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