Gain Actionable Insights

Optionally log every DNS query, from every device and gain insights on the activity of your end-users and whole networks.

Problem: The Challenge of Monitoring and Understanding Network Activity

For businesses to effectively manage their networks and maintain security, visibility into network traffic is key. Unfortunately, the vast amount of data exchange that occurs on a network is often a black box, with IT teams being reactive rather than proactive when issues arise. Understanding user behavior, identifying trends, and detecting anomalies requires detailed intelligence that many solutions fail to deliver. Furthermore, with expanding regulatory requirements, companies must be mindful of where and how their data is stored and processed, often necessitating jurisdiction-specific compliance.

Solution: Control D – Actionable Insights for Proactive Monitoring

Control D not only offers robust filtering and blocking capabilities but also empowers businesses with the data they need to make informed decisions.

  • View historical statistics: With Control D, companies can access comprehensive historical statistics of their DNS queries. This gives businesses a retrospective view of network activity, providing valuable insights into traffic patterns, top domains accessed by users, and potential security threats that have been avoided.
  • Stream real-time logs into your SIEM: For a more tactical approach, Control D enables businesses to stream real-time logs directly into their Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) system. This capability ensures that IT teams can monitor live data and respond immediately to any unusual activity or emerging threats, thus strengthening the overall security posture of the network.
  • Choose jurisdiction where your data is stored: In a world of stringent data privacy regulations, flexibility in data residency can be crucial. Control D offers the option to select the jurisdiction where your DNS query logs are stored, ensuring businesses can comply with local data protection laws and maintain user privacy standards.

Bottom Line

Control D's comprehensive DNS query logging and analysis tools provide businesses with the insights needed to proactively manage network activity and user behavior. By integrating with existing SIEM solutions and offering jurisdiction-specific data storage, Control D not only enriches a company's security measures but also supports compliance with regulatory requirements. As a result, businesses can navigate the complex digital landscape with confidence, armed with actionable data to bolster their cyber defenses.