Public Wi-Fi Operators

Gain complete visibility on usage patterns, and enforce dynamic policies that change based on what time it is.

Unparalleled Security for Public Internet Access

Operating a public Wi-Fi network brings the challenge of keeping both the network and its users secure. Whether your hotspot serves a cafe, library, hotel, or any venue welcoming guests, Control D enables you to restrict network activities, ensuring a safe browsing environment and protecting against misuse that could lead to service violations.

Mastery Over Your Wi-Fi Network

Control D offers comprehensive visibility into user behaviors, allowing you to discern usage patterns and proactively manage your network. Enforce dynamic, time-based policies that adapt to the unique requirements of different times of the day or week.

Informed Oversight

  • Usage Insights: Analyze traffic patterns to understand and manage how your Wi-Fi is used.
  • Time-Sensitive Policies: Implement rules that respond to the time of day, ensuring appropriate network use at all hours.

Mitigate Risk and Enhance User Experience

The presence of harmful content on public networks is a serious liability. Control D helps you block access to content that could not only harm your users but also potentially lead to legal complications for your operation.

Safer Browsing

  • Reduced Liability: Protect your operation from the risks associated with illegal content and other online hazards.
  • Content Control: Limit access to unwanted or unsafe websites and content categories across your network.

Attract and Retain More Customers

A safe and reliable Internet connection is a significant value-add for any venue. With Control D, ensure that your customers enjoy a seamless online experience free from intrusive content and security threats, encouraging longer stays and repeat visits.

Pleasant Connectivity

  • Enhanced User Trust: Deliver a connection your customers can trust, fostering a safer perception of your brand.
  • Superior Service: Provide an Internet experience that stands out, keeping your clientele connected and content.

Learn More About Control D for Public Wi-Fi Operators

Elevate the security standard of your public Wi-Fi service and provide a connection that not only draws customers in but keeps them satisfied and secure. Contact us to see how Control D can benefit your operation or to begin integration today.