Safeguard students and staff from harmful online content, malware and phishing with easy-to-configure filtering options. Deploy on your router, or directly on end-user machines.

Creating a Safer Learning Environment

Schools have a responsibility to shield their students and staff from the increasing variety of online threats. Control D offers a robust solution that provides a secure, online experience through easy-to-configure filtering options, without the need for additional hardware or complicated VPN setups.

Seamless Integration and Comprehensive Protection

Whether you are looking to implement Control D at the network level on routers or directly on end-user devices, the platform is flexible to suit the diverse technological landscapes of educational institutions.

Flexible Deployment

  • Router Integration: Implement network-wide filters that operate transparently to protect all connected devices.
  • End-User Device Protection: Install directly on laptops, tablets, or any device used in the educational process for personalized protection.

Manage Content Access without Complexity

Control D is designed to ensure that harmful content, malware, and phishing attempts never reach your students or staff. Its straightforward filtering configurations allow your IT team to maintain a safe online educational environment with minimal effort.

Intuitive Control

  • No Hardware Required: Deploy advanced filtering and security features without investing in additional infrastructure.
  • VPN-Free: Shield your school’s network and devices without the complexity and overhead of VPN solutions, maintaining high-performance access to educational content.

Cost-Efficient for Educational Budgets

Aware of the budgetary constraints that often accompany educational institutions, Control D provides an affordable per-head or per-network pricing models. This ensures that schools of any size can benefit from enterprise-grade online protection without sacrificing other educational resources.

Smart Pricing

  • Per-Student & Staff Pricing: Control D offers straightforward pricing per user, making it manageable for schools to budget for and allocate resources effectively.
  • Per Network Pricing: Secure a whole network with a single deployment. Flexible pricing options are available.
  • Cost-Effective Security: Gain comprehensive security and content filtering solutions at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.

Elevate Your School’s Cybersecurity with Control D

Adopting Control D means nurturing a digitally secure educational environment where students can explore, learn, and grow safely. Take advantage of a security system designed for the unique needs of schools.

Learn More About Control D for Schools

Embrace a safer, more controlled internet experience for your educational institution. Contact us to learn how Control D can be integrated into your school’s network or to request a tailored quote.