IP Management

View IPs that queried a device, or are authorized to use it.

What is IP Management

This feature is optional depending on what types of Devices you use, what physical gadgets you use them, and what your privacy criteria is. This web control panel section allows you to view IPs that have interacted with your Device specific DNS resolvers, or restrict what IPs that are allowed to communicate with them.

How to Use

From the Manage Profiles & Devices section, select "View IPs" from the drop down menu.


Depending on your Device Settings, this will either show you nothing, or a list of IPs that have interacted or are allowed to interact with your Device specific resolver.

Secure DNS Only

If your Device uses Secure DNS protocols, you can Disable the Auto Authorize IP feature, which will prevent source IPs from being logged on that page.

Legacy Resolvers

If your Device requires Legacy DNS Resolvers, the IP logging feature cannot be disabled, as the meaning of it changes. It now functions as a list of IPs that are allowed to interact with your Legacy DNS resolver.

Delete IPs

From the listing page, you can de-authorize or remove any IP address you see.