Members and Permissions

Invite team members to manage your organization and assign permission levels.

What are Members

When you create your Organization, you become the owner and the sole member of the Organization. Chances are, you probably want to grant access to other folks on your team. This how you do it.

Adding Members

To add a new member to your organization, simply click the Add + button, and fill out this form.

  • Email - Email address of the person you wish to invite to your organization
  • Permission Level - Desired permission level

Permission Levels

Currently, there are 3 permission levels to choose from.

  • Viewer - Has read-only access. Can view everything, but cannot make any changes to Profiles, Devices or any other scopes
  • Admin - Has write access. Can create, modify and delete Profiles, Devices, API tokens and Provisioning codes. Admins CANNOT modify Organization membership, modify Organization details or create new Sub-Organizations
  • Owner - Has "godlike" access and can perform any action


SSO Coming Soon

Currently, direct email invites are required. Single Sign-on (SSO) support is on our roadmap.

Managing Members

Once you've added a second member to your Organization, you can change their permission level using the drop down menu, or eject them from the Organization. This will also delete their Control D account and nullify any API tokens that they may have created.

All members of the parent Organization have the same permission level within all child sub-organizations.

What’s Next