Block Internet on a Schedule

How to disable Internet on a device based on a schedule.


You may have a Wi-Fi network that should only be used during certain hours (when you're open), or maybe you're trying to enforce parental controls on your child's device. The Scheduler can make this easy.

Create Profile

First, make a new Profile and call it something like "Block Everything". Go into this Profile and create a Default Rule that blocks all traffic.

Now we will make a schedule that enables this Profile when the time is right.

Create Schedule

Go to Manage Profiles & Devices section and click the "+" button under a Device that you wish to enable this feature on.

It will popup a schedule creation screen. Choose your newly created "Block Everything" Profile from the "Enforced profile" dropdown menu and choose the times you wish to have it enabled.

When the time you have selected starts, this Profile will be enforced on your chosen Device, and all Internet access will be disabled. Once the time ends, the previous Profile that was enforced on this Device will be restored.

Overnight Schedules


Overnight Schedules Warning

If your schedule starts in the evening, and ends in the morning of the next day (as would be the case for most scenarios described above) you would have to enforce the Profiles in reverse order.

If you wish to block Internet at 5pm and re-enable it at 9am the next day, reverse order of the 2 Profiles you have created.

Always enforce the "Block Everything" Profile on a Device, by default. This would look something like this.

If you leave it like this, your Device will never have Internet access, and won't be able to access anything. Now we create a Schedule that enforces your "normal" Profile, that allows access to things you want.

The above schedule (9am to 5pm) will allow access between those times, and then revert back to "Block Everything" schedule outside of this timeframe.