Activity Log

View historically made or real time DNS queries with additional metadata.

What is Activity Log

This section allows you to view all DNS queries that were made historically, as well as view them in real time.

How to Use It


Full Analytics

In order to see DNS queries in the Activity Log, you need to enable "Full" Analytics log level.

Simply navigate to the Analytics -> Activity Log section, and choose a Device you wish to monitor. From here, you can filter the data in multiple ways:

  • Date - choose the date and time to view queries from the chosen time period
  • Protocols - show DNS queries that used specific DNS protocols (Legacy, DNS-over-HTTPS, etc)
  • Actions - show DNS queries based on a performed action (block, bypass, redirect)
  • Filters - show DNS queries that were blocked by a specific Filter
  • Services - show DNS queries that were acted upon by a specific Service
  • Location - show DNS queries that were redirected to a specific location

Real Time Logging

You can toggle the the switch in the top right corner to enable real time logging. This will show you DNS queries that are being made on a chosen device in real time.

Exporting Logs

If you've been asked by Control D Support to send Activity Logs or would like to export your logs for any other reason, there are two methods of doing so.

Copy to Clipboard

At the top right of the log list you'll see this copy button. Click it to copy all the currently collected log results to your clipboard.

Export Logs

The button to the left of the copy button will export and download the currently collected logs in a convenient .csv format.