Tailscale Integration

Using Control D with Tailscale is very easy, this guide will show you how.

You can use Control D as an Global Nameserver in Tailscale, and take control of your DNS for your entirely tailnet.


Coming in July 2024

This feature will be available in the upcoming release of Tailscale, scheduled for early July of 2024.

Create a Device

Head over to the Control D web panel, and create a Device. Device type does not matter, but we recommend using "Other" type device from the Routers section.

You will be presented with the Resolvers screen. What you will need from here is the Resolver ID. Copy it.

Configure Nameserver

Now, head over to the Tailscale Console -> DNS section, and scroll down to Global Nameservers.

Choose "Control D" from the dropdown menu. You will see a popup box.

Paste your Resolver ID into the box and press Save. You're done here.

Confirm it Works

The Device you created earlier should have flipped to active state.

You can now head over to Analytics section to view the DNS logs.