Blocked Query Response (Custom Block Pages)

Customize how Control D responds to blocked queries.

What is this?

When Control D blocks a domain via a Filter, Service, or Custom Rule, by default it returns the following DNS records:

  • A:
  • AAAA: ::

This feature allows you to change this behavior and return a different response.

How to Use it

Edit your desired Profile and go to Profile Options.

Toggle this feature ON and choose the desired response type. There are several to choose from:

  • / :: (Default)
  • NXDOMAIN - return this RCODE
  • REFUSED - return this RCODE
  • Custom - choose your own IPs to respond with or use custom block page
  • Branded - Use a branded and customizable block page

Custom Block Page

Here you can input your own IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. When a website is blocked, Control D will spoof to IP addresses you have chosen here. This can be used with a self-hosted block page + your own Root Certificate.

Branded Block Page


Root Certificate Installation Required

In order for this to work with HTTPS websites, Root Certificate Installation is required. Check the linked document to learn more.

This option allows you to use a Control D hosted block page, which you can optionally customize with:

  • Your own logo
  • Custom block Title
  • Custom block message
  • Custom link anchor
  • Custom URL

By default, with no custom settings, a branded page will look like this.

Now, you can customize it using the 5 fields.

When a website is blocked, it will look something like this.