Block Unwanted Content

Ads, clickbait, social media and porn can be harmful to the productivity of your business. Block unwanted content across networks, or on individual devices with a single click. Create blocking schedules to for dynamic behaviors.

Problem: Distractive and Inappropriate Content in the Workplace

The open nature of the internet can be a double-edged sword for businesses. While it provides essential resources and tools for work, it also offers an endless stream of distractions and inappropriate content. Advertisements and clickbait can lead to unnecessary waste of time, social media can become a productivity pitfall, and exposure to pornographic content can create an unprofessional and even legally fraught environment. Furthermore, this type of content can sometimes harbor hidden malware or phishing attempts. Managing access to such wide-ranging content, especially when dealing with a diverse array of devices and individual user needs, is a complex task that traditional filters struggle to handle effectively.

Solution: Control D – Unwanted Content Blocking

Control D provides a sophisticated yet simple solution for businesses needing to regulate internet content across their networks.

  • 20+ filtering categories: Control D offers a diverse range of categories that businesses can selectively filter. This includes segments such as advertising, adult content, social media, and other non-work related categories, allowing for a tailored browsing environment conducive to productivity and professionalism.
  • 400+ individually blockable services: Beyond broad categories, Control D gives businesses the power to control access to over 400 specific services. This granularity allows companies to block exact sources of distraction or inappropriate content without over-reaching into necessary resources.
  • Custom Rules for granular control: To cater to the dynamic needs of modern businesses, Control D enables the creation of custom rules. This provides the ultimate control over internet access, allowing businesses to tailor content filters to their unique operational hours, special events, or specific team needs, with the flexibility to adapt these rules as circumstances change.
  • Creating blocking schedules: Control D's dynamic blocking schedules offer the option to adjust filtering based on the time of day or week. This feature is particularly useful in maintaining different accessibility during work hours, breaks, or after-hours, promoting an optimal balance between strict control and flexibility.

Bottom Line

With Control D, businesses can effortlessly block unwelcome content across their entire networks or on individual devices, ensuring a secure, distraction-free, and compliant working environment. The service's flexible filtering capabilities allow for a bespoke approach to internet management, safeguarding both the productivity and the reputational capital of the company.