Gain insights on your network, and customize the rules to prevent unwanted behaviors.


The Analytics feature in Control D grants deep visibility into users' internet activity by providing an insight-rich overview of historical data. With an interactive and easy-to-navigate Analytics Dashboard, organizations can monitor usage patterns and trends directly, in real time.

Problem Solved

Analytics tackles the challenge of understanding and managing online behaviors within a network. This feature is vital for IT departments that require data to make informed decisions regarding security, productivity, and compliance.

Feature Benefits

  • Usage Patterns and Trends: Organizations gain an understanding of general internet usage, allowing them to identify abnormal patterns or potential security risks.
  • Activity Logs: Detailed logs show exactly what queries have been made, including additional metadata, which can be essential for audit trails and troubleshooting.
  • Data-Driven Decisions: By analyzing historical activity, companies can better strategize their internet policies and training programs.

Analytics Dashboard Sections

  • Statistics: A summary section that visualizes usage data to reflect trends and patterns in the network's internet activity.
  • Activity Log: Provides a detailed record of all DNS queries made, complete with metadata. This section is crucial for detailed analysis and making precise adjustments to filtering rules.

Enabling and Using Analytics

Simply create a Device and enable Analytics from the drop down menu. Once the Resolver is configured on a physical device, you will see a stream of logs in the Analytics section.