Airbnb Hosts

Prevent guests from pirating content and offer alternative (legal) entertainment options at the same time.

Protect Your Internet Access and Reputation

As an Airbnb host, it’s paramount to provide a protected online environment that deters guests from engaging in illegal downloading and streaming, which can result in DMCA complaints and threaten your service with the ISP. With Control D, you can manage your network to allow entertainment while avoiding the risks of content piracy.

Proactive Content Management

Control D's customizable filters empower you to block access to peer-to-peer and torrenting sites, as well as torrent trackers, significantly reducing the likelihood of guests infringing on copyright laws under your roof.

Implement with Ease

  • Anti-Piracy Filters: Activate powerful filters to prevent access to common piracy websites, protecting you from receiving DMCA notices.
  • Dedicated Guest Wi-Fi: Set up a guest network profile with predefined settings that specifically block illegal downloading and streaming services.
  • Zero Additional Hardware: Use Control D seamlessly with your current network setup, minimizing expenditures and complications.

Monitor and Adjust in Real Time

Stay informed about how your Wi-Fi is being used and respond quickly to any issues. Control D delivers detailed reporting and allows for agile policy changes to ensure a lawful internet use on your property.

Key Advantages

  • Instant Policy Updates: Change DNS settings on-demand to deal with emerging threats or to refine guest experience without disruptions.
  • Optional Activity Monitoring: Keep track of usage patterns to identify any potential illegal activity and intervene if necessary. 3 levels of logging are available, including no logging at all.
  • Uphold Guest Privacy: Ensure that guests can browse with privacy and security, thanks to encrypted DNS queries that also prevent unauthorized access.

A Comprehensive DNS Service for Airbnb Hosts

Leverage Control D to prevent the misuse of your Airbnb’s Wi-Fi, which can lead to serious legal consequences and service disruptions. Control D is designed to be user-friendly and effective, offering peace of mind by mitigating the risks associated with guests inadvertently or intentionally visiting questionable websites.

Smoothly manage your rental’s online environment with the tools to uphold a positive reputation and provide a professional guest experience. With Control D, you can focus on what you do best—hosting—while we take care of the digital safety of your property.

Take the step to secure your Airbnb's network. Contact us to find out more, or begin with a free trial to see firsthand how Control D can safeguard your rental from DMCA violations.