GUI Setup Utility

Optional setup utility that makes setup a breeze.

This graphical utility can be optionally used by end-users to configure a Control D Device with 2 simple steps. Using this tool skips all the manual configuration steps and makes setup a breeze.


Get Configuration Code

Kick off the setup tutorial, and choose "Automatic Setup" when prompted. To kick off this flow, Add a Device or view an existing one.


The configuration code will be displayed on Step 2 of the Automatic Setup guide. Copy it.

Paste Configuration Code

Paste the configuration code into the box of the app you just downloaded and launched. The interface looks identical on all supported platforms.


This illustrates the Windows version, however MacOS, Android and iOS look virtually identical.

That's it, once you see a success message you're done here. The utility can be closed. Control D will run silently in the background (even after reboot), and use the DNS resolver associated with the device that was configured.


To remove the Control D resolver from the device, simply start the downloaded utility again (or download a new version) and press "Restore Original DNS" button.