View graphs of your browsing activity and draw conclusions.

What are Statistics

This page allows you to view various graphs and lists of domains based on your activity. There is a lot here, so read on to know what all these sections mean.


The total counts section at the top shows you how many DNS queries were logged for a specific Device that you selected. It also give you a break down of how many of these were blocked, bypassed and redirected.

The Date selection menu just above allows you to select the time range of data you wish to see the Statistics for, which applies to the Totals section, as well as everything below it.

Time Series Graph

The line graph shows you how the total counts change over time. You can also use the settings menu in the top right corner to show you granular data for chosen Filters, Services, and redirect Locations.

Most Active

This section shows you your most active Filters, Redirect locations and Services. Think of these as summaries of top activities that Control D did something with.

  • Filter Blocks - this will give you percentages of which Filter is doing most of the heavy lifting when it comes to blocking. In the above example, Ads & Trackers filter is blocking 95.5% of everything that you chose to block.
  • Redirect Locations - this will give you percentages of what most popular redirect location is. This applies to all redirect rules (custom, services, and Default Rule). In the above example, Auto location is redirecting 98.9% of all traffic that is redirected on the chosen device. This makes sense, since Default Rule is set to Auto on this Device.
  • Active Services - this will give you percentages of what the most active service rule that you have enabled. In the above example, Facebook (block) is the most active Service for the Profile that is enforced on the Device.

Traffic Insights

This section shows the the sources and destinations of your browsing activity, including destination countries and networks. This is handy to see how your data flows across the Internet, and is derived from geo-location data associated with IPs that make DNS queries, and IPs that DNS queries resolve to.

  • Sources - Countries from which your DNS queries originated from. Typically, this will be your home country.
  • Destinations - Countries where your traffic ended up.
  • Network Destinations - Same as Destinations, except instead of countries it shows Companies and ISPs.

Top Domains

This section lists the most popular domains that were either Blocked, Bypassed or Redirected, in descending order. You can click "See All" to view the entire list which will give you top 1000 domains in each scope.