How to configure Control D on any iOS device.

Automatic Setup (GUI)

Want to spend the least amount of time setting up Control D on your iOS device?

GUI Setup Utility is what you're looking for.

Manual Setup

Despite how daunting this may sound, setup on iOS is actually very easy.

  1. Start the setup tutorial from the web control panel for any existing Device (or make a new one)
  2. On Step 1 - download a .mobileconfig DNS profile (pictured above)
  3. Open the Settings app, and tap on the newly added option: Profile downloaded
  4. Tap on Install

That's it, you're done.


Captive Portals

If you use a lot of public Wi-Fi hotspots which have captive portals, you may find that DNS is broken on such networks, and you can't even access the captive portal itself.
If this is the case, select Advanced Settings in the above menu, and toggle on the "Bypass common domains" option. This will exclude common captive portals from using Control D. You can also add your own domains and WiFI networks using the same menu.