Filters block categories of websites, content and other scopes.



Filters are blocklists. Toggle them ON and everything in that category will be blocked on Devices that enforce the Profile.

What are Filters?

Filters prevent websites and services that fall within the category from resolving on your device. There are 2 categories of Filters:

  1. Native Filters - These are hand curated Filters maintained by Control D. These are highly effective in terms of the capabilities but should contain very few false positives.
  2. 3rd Party Filters - These are popular community maintained blocklists. Control D does not control their contents and these should be used at own risk.

All Filters are updated on hourly basis, or more frequently when necessary.


Some Filters have multiple modes, these Filters include:

To learn more about each mode, you can click the Info icon next to the relevant Filter.

How to Use Filters

To enable a Filter, simply toggle the relevant switch in the Profile you're editing. To disable a Filter, toggle it OFF.

Update Interval

All filters are rebuilt and deployed every 30 minutes or less.