Malware Blocking

Reduce the chance of a compromise with a single toggle switch.


Malware Blocking is a crucial security feature in Control D designed to prevent access to malicious domains that could harm your devices or network. The feature is versatile, providing different levels of security intensity to accommodate a range of user preferences for security and usability.

Problem Solved

Malware Blocking shields your network by proactively denying communication with known harmful domains that could host malware, ransomware, phishing, or other cyber threats. This protects not only individual devices but also your organizational network infrastructure.

Feature Benefits

  • Enhanced Security: Offers a robust defense against a spectrum of malware threats.
  • Versatile Protection: With multiple modes available, users can tailor the level of security to their specific needs.
  • Proactive Defense: Uses threat intelligence feeds and machine learning to anticipate and block emerging threats.

Malware Filter Modes

  • Relaxed Mode: designed for users who prefer minimal false positives. It blocks domains listed on threat intelligence feeds.
  • Balanced Mode: offers a higher level of protection by blocking both malicious domains and domains that resolve to known harmful IP addresses.
  • Strict Mode: the most comprehensive option, utilizing machine learning to detect and block threats based on broad heuristics. This mode has additional gradations of strictness for fine-tuning.

Enabling and Using Malware Blocking

To activate Malware Blocking, navigate to the 'Profiles' section, select the profile you wish to edit, and access the Filters section. There, simply toggle on the Malware Filter. Additionally, you can enhance the efficacy of this feature by enabling the Phishing filter.