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Local domain reverse lookups?

I've got the ctrld service running on an OPNsense router. ctrld listens for all dns requests on port 53 and if it gets any for my local domain it passes them to unbound running on the same router on a different port. That works fine for forward lookups. For example, I can do nslookup theprinter.home and get I really want to get reverse lookups to work as well but I'm not sure how to do that. Any pointers (!) would be much appreciated.

Feature Request: Add options for Ubisoft

Add the option for Ubisoft traffic under the `services` tab when configuring a profile, I noticed you didn't have it but quite a few triple A titles are developed by Ubi and I thought it would be a nice feature addition (I'm addicted to For Honor and need Control D's help to make me more productive!) Thanks, Alex

ctrld.toml - Is it possible to setup MAC addresses to get certain Device profiles?

Hi folks, Recently moved from NextDNS to ControlD and have so far got it working in a place i'm almost happy with. I've been able to get my VLANs setup to go through their own specific ControlD Endpoints, but what i am also looking for is the ability to push certain devices through certain end points based on their MAC Address. My question is, how would i go about doing this as i don't see much documentation on it. This is my current ctrld.toml ``` [listener] [listener.0] ip = '' port = 53 [listener.0.policy] name = 'Home Policy' networks = [ { 'network.0' = ['upstream.0']}, { 'network.1' = ['upstream.1']} ] [network] [network.0] name = 'LAN' cidrs = [''] [network.1] name = 'IoT' cidrs = [''] [upstream] [upstream.0] name = 'Control D - LAN' type = 'doh3' endpoint = 'https://dns.controld.com/ENDPOINTIDHERE' timeout = 5000 [upstream.1] name = 'Control D - IoT' type = 'doh3' endpoint = 'https://dns.controld.com/ENDPOINTIDHERE' timeout = 5000 ``` Any help appreciated. Thanks

DNS Over Quic

Will the app be updated to use DNS Over Quic anytime soon.

Feature request: Block traffic coming from ipv6 to force use ipv4 (Granular control during DoT)

To prevent DNS leak with limited configurable devices, it would be helpful to block queries coming from ipv6 address type.

I want set up DoT on My router(ASUS Merlin)

I want set up DoT on my router

Naming client devices

I just discovered Clients or Device Clients and installed it on my synology router. Its an awesome feature i didnt know existed until now. Anyway, i wanted to ask if there is a way to name/rename the client devices in the dashboard, since i couldn't find any way to do that? I did name my devices in the router gui, but this does not reflect in the controld dashboard. Some devices, where i cannot set a name on the device itself, are just named with random letters and numbers. Its difficult to keep them apart and if looking at the activity log, its impossible to see, which device is which, without cross referencing the mac id with the list of connected devices in the router.

Change request: deploy custom rules to multiple profiles simultaneously

I think this speaks for itself, but unless I'm missing something, if I have 10 profiles and want to introduce a custom rule to all of them, then I've got to take 10 duplicate trips through the UI.

Blocking TLD but...

I blocked a specific TLD but at the same time, I would like to be able to unblock one particular website that uses such a TLD. Blocking rule: \*.app Allowing rule: nameofwebsite.app I tried to add the name of the particular website in the .app domain as acceptable but that obviously doesn't work. Is there any way to achieve such an effect?

New Function

Hi Admins! when you release a new function. Please make a video which will be easier to understand. Thanks you.