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Active Directory DNS

Hi Folks,

I'm really only just starting to use Control D. Everything is easy to setup and love it so far. I'm just a bit confused and lost on how to edit configs on routers.

My use case is for business and there are several bits of documentation that already address this which I am trying to follow but hitting some roadblocks.

We'd like to deploy ControlD to our firewall routers (already done). We'd like to have all network DNS pointed at the router (already done). We'd like to steer all local active directory DNS over to our AD DNS server but only for local domain DNS. Everything else should go to ctrld.

I found the article which says to create a re-direct for the domain controller and that works great. But it doesn't allow us to resolve anything else obviously (so we can redirect DNS lookups for the server itself but not workstations with that redirect rule).

I know what I need to do is edit the toml/config file as per the documents and this is where I feel silly. I'm struggling to do this over ssh in the router itself and I can't find any documentation on how to use the toml config menu in the ctrld GUI.

My question is: on Ubiquiti routers, what is the cleanest way to edit the config file and add our custom DNS steering options?