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ctrld.toml - Is it possible to setup MAC addresses to get certain Device profiles?

Hi folks,

Recently moved from NextDNS to ControlD and have so far got it working in a place i'm almost happy with.

I've been able to get my VLANs setup to go through their own specific ControlD Endpoints, but what i am also looking for is the ability to push certain devices through certain end points based on their MAC Address.

My question is, how would i go about doing this as i don't see much documentation on it.

This is my current ctrld.toml

    ip = ''
    port = 53

      name = 'Home Policy'
      networks = [
        { 'network.0' = ['upstream.0']},
        { 'network.1' = ['upstream.1']}

    name = 'LAN'
    cidrs = ['']

    name = 'IoT'
    cidrs = ['']

    name = 'Control D - LAN'
    type = 'doh3'
    endpoint = 'https://dns.controld.com/ENDPOINTIDHERE'
    timeout = 5000

    name = 'Control D - IoT'
    type = 'doh3'
    endpoint = 'https://dns.controld.com/ENDPOINTIDHERE'
    timeout = 5000

Any help appreciated.