We've been thrilled with the response we had to the release earlier this week. We know that this was a big change and appreciate everybody bearing with us as we iron out some oddities.

Speaking of oddities, thanks to all of you who wrote into the feedback portal, support, Reddit or Discord. Today's release includes a number of small fixes to bugs that have been reported by our users.

You can read a more thorough enumeration of these changes over on our Docs page.

We're also releasing a brand new (experimental) feature! Using machine learning algorithms, we built a model for detecting and blocking domains that have a high probability of serving malware. This is now available to you!


  • Improved messaging for the Activity Log when the user has no devices with Full Analytics, or when the user has a device selected that has Some Analytics
  • Fixed a long-standing issue with mobile scroll position in trays where scrolling down a page and then opening a tray on a mobile device would set your scroll position to the bottom of the tray
  • Fixed a caching issue so that users on certain browsers will be able to see newly released features without having to delete all site data
  • Added helpful information to the Video and Gaming categories in the Services section
  • Added DoQ protocol to Activity Log labels
  • Fixed a UI issue on the Filters page on small desktop screens where elements were overlapping
  • Fixed some UI issues in the mobile Activity Log view
  • Clarified copy for several alerts
  • Released AI Malware Filter