The eagerly awaited UI overhaul update is here! In this update, we made a major change to the core layout of Control D.

Instead of Profile selection being hidden in a dropdown menu or an overlay, we've opted to put Profiles and Devices front and center, meaning that you can always easily harness the full power of Control D.

Importantly, we've also completely overhauled the Activity Log. This is now tied intrinsically to your Analytics data (so you'll need to switch on Full Analytics for a Device to view queries in the Activity Log, now "always on"). This makes your browsing data more secure and private than ever, and we think you'll love the new Activity Log layout. There's way more room for, well, activities.

We're busy bees updating our docs to reflect the changes, and in the meantime you can read all about it in our blog.


  • UI overhaul:
    • Profiles are now the 'root' view and the Profile Editor is a subview
    • Default Rule is in "Profile Options"
    • Resolvers, IPs and other overlays no longer exist and are part of the main Dashboard
    • Implemented virtualization for almost all views, resulting in a speedier navigational experience across the webapp
    • New icons for many things, such as Default Rule and Custom Rules
  • Activity Log rewrite
    • Activity Log is now 'always on' for any Device that has Analytics enabled
    • Now uses the Analytics service to show data
    • Complete UI overhaul with more room
    • "More Info" tray (accessible by clicking i button in each row) shows more info about the decision made with the query
  • Fixed a number of small functional bugs in Analytics and across the panel

Read more about the changes over on our blog!