Profile locking, color coding of the activity log, better pagination and ability to filter custom rules in useful ways.


  • Added Profile Lock mode, available in Profile Options. This allows users to lock a given Profile, and prompt themselves with a message if they try to make subsequent changes to the profile. Profiles can be unlocked by entering password on the Profile Options page.
  • Added colors for icons to make Activity Log more visually appealing and informative at a glance
  • Added more easily accessible pagination for Activity Log on desktop
  • Added more filtering options for Custom Rules, available in the ... menu at the top right of the rule list
  • Fixed a bug where the onboarding 'Welcome' modal showed after browser cache was cleared even if you already had devices set up
  • Fixed bug where currently detected device did not update immediately after finishing the setup flow
  • Fixed some icons showing up in the wrong colours
  • Fixed some miscellaneous scrolling bugs on iOS Safari
  • Fixed a bug where :: was not recognized as a valid IPv6 address when adding new Redirect via IP Custom Rules/Services
  • Fixed awkward UI flashing on page loads
  • Updated many instances of bad grammar throughout the site
  • Updated Home Page and Features Pages to reflect Dashboard changes
  • Updated Status Page with Learn More link
  • Updated UX for loading trays in the Statistics section