This week, we've been working on a number of UX and UI improvements, as well as fixing a litany of both user- and internally-reported bugs.

We've also added the ability to make Custom Rules and redirect to an IPv6 address (this is an advanced feature but we know you're advanced people!)

Check out the v1.4.17 Changelog for a full rundown.

In the next few days, we'll also be releasing the complete integration of the Control D Dashboard with our ctrld command line daemon.


  • Fixed some Activity Log display bugs
  • Fixed a bug where changing Profile Options did not always trigger API calls as expected
  • Devices page UI polish
  • Fixed a bug where UI elements would jump when searching Profiles
  • Minor Clients UI fixes
  • Clearing filters in the Activity Log now also clears the search
  • Further improvements to Devices dropdown
  • Fixed strange 'flash' of UI when initially loading any Dashboard page
  • Significantly improved rendering speed of Activity Log when scrolling
  • Moved the green + button to the header for improved UX
  • Improved Setup Guide UX and copy
  • Added IPv6 Redirect Custom Rules functionality
  • Improved UX of filters in Activity Log (when you select a filter, close and reopen the menu, the selected filter will now be at the top)
  • Improved onboarding UX
  • Copy changes for Plans page