This week we've been hard at work overhauling the Device dropdowns in the Control D Dashboard. For those of you who have many Devices or who simply hate clicking, we've added keyboard navigation and a mini search bar.

We've also expanded our search horizons beyond this, adding searching and sorting to Profiles, Devices and Custom Rules (an oft-requested CD feature)!

Along with these additions come the usual package of UI and UX polish. We hope you love it.


  • Fixed some minor display issues with the Activity Log on large tablets and on Safari
  • Fixed some tutorials that were not opening correctly
  • Significantly improved Devices dropdowns to include keyboard navigation and searching
  • Added searching and sorting for Profiles, Devices and Custom Rules
  • Improved UX for Activity Log when viewing Devices with no stored query data
  • Miscellaneous UI improvements pertaining to browser focus states
  • Reinstated the green checkmark to indicate that you are currently using Control D on the gadget with which you're viewing the Dashboard