This week we've been plodding along cleaning up some leftover bugs from the Dashboard release and adding even more features. You can read about all this in more detail at the Changelog.

Next week, we'll be working on making certain dropdowns searchable, notably the device dropdown, some big changes to UX of Analytics dropdowns, a Setup Guide overhaul, the ability to search and sort Profiles and Devices, simplification of the Adult Content Filter, more integration features with ctrld (our command line daemon for ultra-customizable router setup) and allowing IPv6 Custom Rules.


  • Fixed a bug where Custom Rules tray would not open under certain circumstances
  • Tweaked Analytics data deletion, reinstating the ability to delete data per device instead of only account-wide
  • Fixed a number of small UI quirks in the mobile Setup Guides
  • Fixed elusive 'ghost' queries on Activity Log, wherein viewing the historical log after turning off the realtime log would still occasionally stream realtime queries
  • Cleaned up UI of proxy locations trays
  • Improved UX of iOS Profile creation options screen
  • Fixed miscellaneous Activity Log quirks
  • If you have selected a page in the Activity Log, this will now clear upon changing Filters and reset you to the first page
  • Miscellaneous copy tweaks across the site to reflect Dashboard changes
  • Various UI improvements for the Activity Log, notably the addition of favicons for each query made
  • Added CLI mode for various OS-level Setup Guides, as well as refactoring Setup Guides for Android and iOS
  • UX improvements to Add IP tray
  • Added ability to add a Client ID to iOS Profiles
  • UX improvements for Schedule tray