Device client support and minor bugs and tweaks.


  • Previously, in the Control D Device flow, you could use one Device (resolver) for any number of gadgets, but in Analytics - for example - they would all show up under a single Device with no way to know which query came from which of your gadgets. This change, in conjunction with the ctrld utility, allows for specific gadgets ("Clients") to be queried against in Analytics so that you can see exactly where your queries are coming from
  • Services are now searchable by their unique identifier as well as their public-facing name, fixing a bug where searching f1 would not show Formula 1 in the results
  • Fixed a bug where certain Add Device flows resulted in infinite loading
  • Fixed a bug on the Status page causing certain users to be unable to see their troubleshooting data
  • Made the 'Show Only Active' state in Services more obvious to fix a UX issue where users would assume Services were not loading correctly