Routine bug fixes and some user-requested feature additions.


  • Fixes a bug where you could enable Analytics without specifying a storage region
  • Most Active section domains are now clickable, bringing up a tray showing you which domains exactly were affected by this Filter, Redirect Location or Service
  • Service tray further splits this so you can see how many of each verdict was made on each domain, so for example you might see wikipedia.com redirected 4 times and blocked 7 times (if you changed the Wikipedia service from redirect->block during the time frame you are viewing)
  • Devices that are linked to 2 profiles are now displayed under both of the profiles to which they’re linked
  • Errors handled when user tries to add too many rules at once
  • Underscores in profile names are now allowed
  • Fixed a bug where closing certain overlays would navigate to the previously navigated-to page, which caused errors when directly linking to the overlay and could potentially cause users to close an overlay and end up returning to the last site they visited
  • Fixed a UI issue where Help menu and Get Started button were too far apart on Login page
  • Added a sitemap
  • Added ‘Credit Balance’ which shows users who have a ‘credit’ (such as when downgrading their product) the exact amount of said credit
  • Fixed dot-to-elongated-line transition on the Configure screen